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AKR Industries formerly known as AKR Textile

With deep rooted experience in different verticals of textile, 1995 is the year of global modern textile boom when ‘AKR Textile” was born. After crossing 23 years of successful journey AKR is proud to say that it is one of the largest exporter of knitted garments from India and it houses one of the Asia’s biggest yarn and fabric dyeing factory, one of the Asia’s largest fleece production unit and capable of producing 50 million garments per year.

History of our Journey:

226 years of long journey….still marching with more innovative approach…..

Our company AKR Industries formerly known as AKR Textile located in the Knitting textile hub of the world “Tirupur” in India, a city located near to Coimbatore (Manchester of South India) known for massive textile mills and one of the world leader in the field of textiles. Our Journey started in 1790’s as a small cotton farmer when court of directors of East India Company in London revised their policy to increase raw material (cotton) import from India to increase finished textile goods from Britain. We started cultivating indigenous Arboretum and Herbaceous varieties of cotton to supply Lancashire textile industry, London. In early 1800’s Madras province introduced Bourbon variety with subsequent trials with New Orleans and Sea Island in Coimbatore, we started doing contract farming for supplying cotton to East India Company, then during world war-I we where cultivating better variety Co 2(Combodia Cottons).

With the strong farming experience of different varieties of cotton we entered in to small finished cotton materials retailing after world war-II, with very wide knowledge in the field of textile we first started small garment manufacturing unit in early 1980’s. Based on global requirements and advancement in the field of textile “AKR Textile Company” was started in 1995 with art of modern textile machinery to cater global needs.