AKR IndustriesQuality Control

Quality Control

AKR’s Quality control division is one of the key division which involves more stringent and toughest quality check for meeting customer’s quality level requirements. In the field of textiles, the processing laboratory plays a key role so AKR’s yarn and finished fabric has to pass different types of quality check before it goes to final approval. It serves as the foundation for producing a quality product.

AKR has one of the best textile laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed with highly qualified personnel. It has the capability to cover a wide range of operations from the testing of raw materials to the evaluation of finished products, according to customer specifications. As a part of quality control for online checking, the processing laboratory is well prepared to control and support the processing unit at every stage of production. For continuous improvement in the quality of the end product, research and development is also carried out in the laboratory.