AKR IndustriesMessages from Management

Messages from Management

Since the inception of our Company, our goal has been to operate the most cost and resource efficient manufacturing facilities, producing responsibly-made apparel, embedding social and environmental responsibility into the long-term strategy of the business.

One of the ways we strive to reach this goal is through our vertically-integrated manufacturing model, which allows us to directly influence virtually all of our manufacturing processes – from raw cotton to final products. This model enables us to uncover and direct positive environmental and social impacts throughout our entire supply chain and continuously set high standards in our manufacturing processes. Through this direct ownership of our facilities, we can also ensure that our employees are provided with ethical, safe and healthy work environments and that we become a valued member of the communities where we operate.

In 2017 we become one of the largest finished garment manufacturers in Asia Pacific, by this we are now in position to meet huge volumes of finished garments. As we concerned more about environment we are now in process of achieving platinum rated green building certificate for our manufacturing unit. So to initiate green building process we had set up independent solar roof top power plant to cater individual building needs during day time, and we are also in process of setting up wind energy to cater rest of our industrial needs.

We are proud to own one of the Asia’s largest zero discharge yarn and fabric dying unit in which we achieve zero polluted water discharge by quick evaporation process and we solidify the sludge and then we make it in to solid blocks, which is then supplied to cement factories for their usage. By this we give utmost important to save our environment.