AKR Industries Yarn Dyeing



• Singing & Reeling & Hank to Cone, Rite S.P.A (Italy)
• Soft winding & Rewinding, Rite S.P.A (Italy)
• Soft winding, Corghi (Italy)
• Soft winding, Fadis S.P.A(Italy)
• Rewinding, Suzhou Xinsanfang (China)
• Mercerizing, Jaeggli Meccanotessile (Italy)
• Mercerizing, Rite S.p.A (Italy)
• Hank Dyeing, Loris Bellini (Italy)
• Package Dyeing ( Cone Dyeing), Loris Bellini (Italy)
• Rapid Dryer, Loris Bellini (Italy)
• Radio Frequency Dryer, Stalam (Italy)
• Sampling Machine, Ugollini (Italy)
• Color Matching System, Data Color (USA)
• Auto Dosing System (Chemical / Dyes), Sate (Italy)

Laboratory/ Quality Control:

• Yarn Friction Tester, Mesdan (Italy)
• Yarn Twist Tester Machine, Mesdan (Italy)
• Crocking Machine, Mesdan (Italy)
• Lab Dips Dryer, Mesdan (Italy)
• Panel Machine/ Socks Machine, Mesdan (Italy)
• Hank Machine, Mesdan (Italy)
• Lab Dips Machine, Data Color (USA)
• Lab Dips Conditioner Machine, Data Color (USA)
• Spectro photometer, Data Color (USA)
• Auto Lab Dispensing / Solution Maker Machine, Data Color (USA)
• Multi precise Sample cone Dyeing Machine, Data Color (USA)
• Light Box, Data Color (USA)

AKR IndustriesYarn Dyeing

Yarn Dyeing

AKR’s dyeing unit is one of the largest in Asia, and it is one the highly automated section of AKR’s vertical production unit. For having consistency in color mixing automated mixture is used to deliver uniform color pigments, and we are specialized in both yarn and fabric dyeing..