AKR IndustriesStakeholders


At AKR, we understand that stakeholders are paramount to operate responsibly and to achieve our goals. We believe that adopting a structured approach to engage and involve our stakeholders will allow us to collaborate and learn from one another in the pursuit of mutually supportive relationships.

The goal we share with our stakeholders is to work toward improving the lives of employees who manufacture our products, ensuring an ethical and stimulating work environment, and respecting and enhancing the local communities in which we operate. To engage in dialogue, share ideas and build consensus, we invite groups representing employees and factories, students, colleges, trade unions, academia, governments, local communities and consumers to communicate with us. This can be done through a variety of methods, including face-to-face meetings, focus groups or round tables facilitated by external independent facilitators, workshops and seminars, confidential questionnaires, and anonymous feedback.

Our belief is that engagement should be mutually beneficial and transparent, that the focus should be on common ground and creative solutions, and that the outcome should lead to real value for both the Company and its stakeholders.